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Asthma Service
We can advise you on the correct use of inhalers and other asthma medications. Please speak to our pharmacist or make an appointment.

Blood Pressure Service
Blood pressure service and lifestyle advice

Delivery Service
We are happy to arrange for dispensed medicines and purchased pharmacy items to be delivered to house-bound patients.

Diabetes Screening Service
We use a simple finger pricking test to determine the level of glucose in your blood. We will then offer lifestyle advice depending on the result of the test.

Dispensing Medicines
We dispense medication on NHS prescriptions and also on Private prescriptions. We are able to give advice on all medication and always make time for you.

Disposal of Medicines
It is really important to dispose of unwanted or old medication in a safe way. Just bring any medication that you do not need to our pharmacy and we will safely dispose of them for you.

Emergency Supply of Medication
If you run out of your medication we will assess the situation and if you need a supply we will gladly help you.

Medicines Use Review Service
This will give you an opportunity to discuss your medication in more detail with the Pharmacist. You can ask the Pharmacist any questions or queries you may have regarding your medication.

Repeat Prescription Service
Make life easier for yourself and let us order your prescription on your behalf. Place an order online, over the phone or in person a week before you need your medicines. A week before gives us time to sort out any problems to ensure you get your medication on time.

Smoking Cessation Services
Smoking is very harmful to our health but giving up can be so hard. The Pharmacist and staff are Accredited Smoking Advisors and can give you counselling about stopping smoking. We can also provide anti-smoking products from the pharmacy such as nicotine replacement patches, gum and nasal sprays. People who pay for prescriptions pay the NHS charge for this service. If you are exempt from prescription fees you do not need to pay.

Weekly Dosette Boxes
We prepare medication in weekly Dosette boxes for patients having problems with medication compliance. This service is offered following discussions with the carer and GP. It is a free of charge service.